mardi 17 août 2010

Nowhere to hide

Start of the second leg was a game of the nerves and routing strategies of the competitors. Azores high allready started to move away to approaching low which is roughly scheduled to bring its westerlies tommorow. Current speeds are suggesting that the western group lead by Lucas might get away by nipping the corner compared to the mid group since the gradient of wind strenght doesn't look to big and quick approaching low might bring the westerlies to everybody about the same time.

At the other hand my bet regarding routing is with the top serie guys Amaury, Davy and Xavier who went on non-compromise north path. Getting to wind quickly in these conditions is usually the name of the game.

Since we are looking in strong downwind conditions starting on thursday with no escape routes that were availible on the first leg, Bertrand in Protos and Xavier in serie are by my oppinion favourites of the leg, maybe the race.

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