mardi 3 août 2010

So gentelmen placed their bets. As it might of been expected more experienced couple of frotrunners Bertrand Delesne and Nicolas Boidevezi opted for "win or swim" tactis in stronger winds od the acceleration zone while Joerg Reichers and Sebastian Rogues stayed a bit further north, hence in more managable wind.
I don't have routing software close at hand so someone who has please correct me, but southern option does look faster especially since you stay in stronger wind longer. All off course subject to pushing the boat hard and not breaking stuff.
In 06 in similar conditions I actually rounded Finistere about on position of Joerg on first place but Adrien who had balls to dip south cought up with me big time and eventually won the first leg.

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  1. Hi Andraz, no routing software either, but yes, I would say south looks promising...