jeudi 27 octobre 2011

On big noses and extending things at the bottom

So first on extending keel. Off course system that 747 uses is not new. It is for instance used on 198 - added by Adrien Hardy for the 2007 transat. It makes a little difference but far from decisive. Keep in mind that racing is best selection regarding what works and what doesn't. Canting keel works so everybody has it. Sliding-canting keel is to complicated so nobody uses it anymore. Keep in mind that Raison and Lucas had funny keels on their chined 231 and 232. 231 had 3d keel that was canting and moving fore aft, while bulb stayed horizontal. Fin was also rotating around vertical axis. Davids 232 was "simpler" with canting keel that could also rotate around the axis.
So in this case extending keel obviously isn't considered as decisive performance feature otherwise it would be used by more than two boats.

Does this shoe-like shape works on heavier boats? Lets wait and see. Classic powerfull wide hulls work on serie boats as good as on light protos even though it was a lot of sceptisism at the start. And keep in mind also that this is first generation of this concept designed by visionary with balls of stell but no big design bureau behind him. When design studios (and off course David himself) start optimising the design I wouldn't be surprised that second and third generation make considerable steps in performance (and no doubt aestetic :)

Remember that new generation of VO70 promises to be faster than the last one inspite the rule changes that handicaped the performance solely due to design optimisation. And Groupama and Ericson4 look like twin brothers when you compare 747 and for instance latest Lombard 800.

Regarding the race field - Kro439, I raced in Minis from 2002 and after I saw a boat with sponsor with green logo and name Rabit in the name coming second in 2007 I stoped beliving in jinx. Just call it as you see it and that's it :)

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  1. Bonjour
    C'est sur qu'il va falloir attendre pour voir...
    Par contre pour l’esthétique, ce qui fait avancer vite finit toujours par rentrer dans les canons de beauté... Donc s'il faut qu'un bateau ai un gros nez pour aller plus vite, alors je veux bien que mon bateau ai un gros nez.^^
    Sinon un peu plus derrière, un problème sur le 741? 2 nœuds au 246 sur le dernier relevé alors que tous les bateaux autour filent a 7-8 nœuds, pensez vous que cela puissent etre un orage échappé du pot?
    Bonne nuit

  2. Thank you Andreas for your feed back ; and don't forget : the first one to do a rectangular main sail was François Lucas Mini 231, main sail called TGV for Très Grande Voile which had a rift always taken and in shift airs was hoisted with a second halyard taken on the first batten: and they get surprised to notice the boat was faster in windy conditions with more surface : so first come first serve and that is great!!

  3. Pour le 741 un orage reste possible ou bien un petit pb technique plus vraissemblable (drisses donc voiles d'avant) c'est vrai qu'il est le seul à 4 nds alors que tout le monde a décollé autour.
    Antoine Rioux actuel 4e est reparti lui aussi à fond après 2 pointages à 4 nds.
    En proto Lucas est à la peine pour revenir, sans doute au près serré même s'il conserve pour l'instant une belle 5e place ça va être dur à tenir.
    Sinon en série, la bagarre continue. Gwéno Gahinet va-t-il griller la politesse à ses petits camarades ? en tous cas il fait une jolie course. Il faut avoir les nerfs pour s'accrocher dans ce derby très ouvert. Pierre Brasseur est trop loin pour accéder à ses ambitions de départ. Pas toujours facile de revenir sur la mini...
    J'ai une pensée pour les forçats du pot au noir, Maurizio, Jorge, Tolga. Dur dur ! Tout derrière, Radeck et Guo ont une chance de revenir au contact. Pas mauvais pour leur moral, et la sécu.

  4. Hi Andraz, seems you like balls of steel, as you mention them so often.. ;-) I was a bit confused when I read your older post that after the doldrums you could make it to Bahia all the way on port tack. In the south-east trades we Germans would sail back to the pot aux noir on Backbordbug - as this means the mainsail is on the port side, so wind is coming from starboard...

    Seems like Lucas Montage will give his position away to the guys more eastern. And positions 6 - 10 give an interesting battle, with Lucas Schroeder on pos. 7 now.